Power Supply Price in Bangladesh 2021

power supply is an electrical device which supplies electric power to an electrical load. The primary function of a power supply is to convert electric current from a source to the correct voltage, current, and frequency to power the load. As a result, power supplies are sometimes referred to as electric power converters. All power supplies have a power input connection, which receives energy in the form of electric current from a source, and one or more power output connections that deliver current to the load. Some power supplies have other types of inputs and outputs as well, for functions such as external monitoring and control. Find your best Power Supply at best price in Bangladesh at Your Nearest Netstar BD Shop and follow us on Facebook. We sell mice at affordable prices.

Power Supply Price List in Bangladesh 2021

Here is the price list of the latest Power Supply of 2020 Bangladesh. See Power Supply’s reviews, features, specs, details and original price. There are many more good quality bands Power Supply available here including expensive, cheap, Cooler Master Power Supply, Corsair Power Supply, Golden Field Power Supply, Seasonic Power Supply.

Power Supply List Price in BD
Corsair VS650 650W 80 Plus Non-Modular Power Supply 5,600৳
Golden Field 450 Watt Power Supply 850৳
Seasonic S12II-520, 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply 6,800৳
Cooler Master V850 V series 850W 80 Plus Power supply 16,000৳
Corsair CV450 450Watt 80 Plus Power Supply 3,600৳
Cooler Master MWE 750W 80 Plus Certified Power Supply 9,500৳
Cooler Master MWE 550W 80 Plus Power Supply 4,500৳
Cooler Master MWE 650W 80 PLUS Power Supply 7,400৳
Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite ERP2013 Power Supply 4,200৳
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