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Increase Your Speed with ADATA Desktop RAM Available at Best Price

ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. was founded by Simon Chen in May 2001. This public limited Taiwanese company specially focus on manufacturing memory and storage devices and its main product line include DRAM modules, hard disk drives, USB Flash drives, solid state drives, memory cards and mobile accessories etc. This brand also expands its area in robotics and electric powertrain systems to practice in-depth technological researches. Moreover, this brand has a sub brand called XPG, that specialized on the PC gaming hardware and accessories. This brand was the 2nd largest DRAM manufacturer in the world in 2017. In recent days they are strongly competing with Samsung in Asia and extended their business to Europe and the Americas as well.

Variety Within the Budget

We have a huge collection RAM available in our stock including DDR3, DDR4 4GB & 8GB RAMs with exclusive RGB gaming features. These budget friendly memory sticks are very much suitable for any kind of configuration.